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Representative Matters

911 Notify, LLC v. Clandestine Development, et al. (D. Del.)

Successfully represented three defendants against a patent relating to an emergency contact system.

Toshiba, et al. v. Gold Charm (PTAB)

Represented Toshiba in a numer of IPR’s invalidating patents pertaining to LCD displays.

Dynamic Hosting Co. v. Canon USA, Inc. (E.D. Tex.)

Successfully represented Canon in a patent infringement case involving cloud-based computer printers.

Sound Design Technologies v. Oticon (D. Ariz.)

Successfully represented Oticon against patent infringement allegation relating to signal processing in hearing aids.

Atwater Partners of Texas LLC v. AT&T, et al. (E.D. Tex.)

Successfully represented AT&T in patent case pertaining to telecom asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks via digital subscriber line networks (DSL).

Joao Control and Monitoring Systems LLC v. Xanboo, Inc., et al. (C.D. Cal.)

Represented Xanboo in patent litigation involving internet-based home security systems.  Case settled on favorable terms.

Shared Memory Graphics v. Samsung (W.D. Ark. & N.D. Cal. & Fed. Cir.) 

Asserted SMG patent pertaining to graphics processing units against Samsung obtaining a large settlement.

Shearing-Plough v. Fruit of the Earth (N.D. Tex.)

Successfully defended Fruit of the Earth in preliminary injunction hearing pertaining to alleged infringement of Water Babies® trade dress.  Case settled favorably.

Winternals v. Best Buy (W.D. Tex.)

 Successfully represented Winternals in  copyright case involving Best Buy's Geek Squad.

Siliconix v. ON Semiconductor (AAA arbitration Ariz.)

On behalf of ON Semi, successfully tried case before a three-member panel in patent case pertaining to family of semiconductor process patents.

Innovative Truck Storage v. Chevrolet, Ford, et al. (E.D. Tex.)

Successfully obtained settlements from several defendants over a patent pertaining to rear quarter-panel storage in pickup trucks.

Advanced Micro Devices v. OKI (N.D. Cal.) 

Successfully represented AMD in patent assertion pertaining to semiconductor patents.  Case settled on courthouse steps.

Southwestern Bell Telephone v. Arthur A. Collins, Inc. (N.D. Tex. & Fed. Cir.)

Successfully obtained summary judgement of non-infringement of patents pertaining to telecomm switching technology.

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp. v. Velan (Fed. Cir.)

Successful in reversing trial court's finding of infringement of patent pertaining to sliding gate for coker drums.  Case settled favorably.

Auto Wax v. Marchese et al. (N.D. Tex.)

Successful in obtaining a finding of patent, trademark, and copyright infringement in products and ads pertaining to auto body detailing clay.

Riles v. Shell Oil Co. (Fed. Cir.)

Successfully reversed jury damages award in patent case pertaining to off-shore oil rigs.  Case settled on remand.

Dynacore v. Dell Computers, et al., (S.D.N.Y.)

Successfully defended Dell in patent case pertaining to Fast Ethernet (i.e., IEEE 802.3u) standard.

Dow Chemical Co. v. Sumitomo Chemical (E.D. Mich.) 

Successfully represented Dow in patent infringement case involving multiple patents asserted by both parties.  Patents pertained to expoxy resins.

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